Black Cockatoo
Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo Calyptorhynchus funereus
A large bird (55-65cm) with black plumage, most body feathers edged with yellow (although unnoticeable from a distance) and a distinct yellow cheek patch.  The tail has yellow panels on the upper surface only seen when the tail is spread while those below are clearly visible.  The female has a larger cheek patch and brown spotted tail panels.  Young birds resemble the adults.  
Their call is not a harsh screech more like a 'wee-yu' with whistlings and chatterings in flight.  They travel in pairs, family trios or small to large flocks and often can all be seen perching on tree tops.  
Their favourite food is seeds from native trees and pine cones, grubs found in acacias and eucalypts or grounds seeds and insects.  Both parents construct a nest in a tree hollow which is lined with wood chips.  Two eggs are laid, incubated by the female only and the male feeds her at the nest.  Usually only one chick survives and leaves the nest at about 11 weeks, although it remains with the parents for 6 months.  

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