Effie - Ephemeral Wetlands
Initial venture between Whitehorse City Council & Parks Victoria with the Campbells Croft Abbey Walk Advisory Committee & Friends-of CCAW.

Abbey Walk Ephemeral Wetlands
could take up to 2 years to complete and would take a further 2 to 3 years for the indigenous planting to become established.

Early March 2001 - weed infested, the large willows dominate the area.
12 March 2001 - stage one, removal of the Willows and one Eucalyptus which was structurally unsafe.
13 March 2001 - the area is clear of willow and is now opened up
April 2001  - Planting of some indigenous species into the area - marching off for our morning "cuppa" and bucket watering 
May 2001 - Clearing weeds from area between Ephemeral Wetlands & Remnant area of Campbells Croft

June 2001 - Huge amount of smaller woody weeds removed as well as hand weeding, planting of more indigenous species then our well earned "cuppa"
November 2001 -  large amounts of mulch was delivered
January 2002 - The piles of mulch have been spread.  The Kangaroo apples have grown visitors from England helped with the spreading of mulch. 
February 2002 - Seven loads of mulch was delivered to the site at the end of January 2002.  First official working bee for the year had nine committee and friends-of volunteers spreading all the mulch in one go.
End February 2002 - Four more truck loads of mulch delivered.  Committee members had a working bee mid week and cleared and cut back area in preparation for more spreading.

March 2002 - Committee and Friends-of groups completed the spreading of the mulch. The area will "rest" until it is ready for planting-out.
July & August 2002 - Committee members start extra midweek working bees - removing the dreaded angle onion and immediately planting indigenous species.
September 2002 - 53 students from St James Primary School planted over 700 grasses and shrubs in Effie as part of their environmental studies.

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