Paddy - Padua Court Swathe
Reclaiming overgrown weed infested land on a steep slope and revegetated with indigenous species.

1999 to 2001
- With the removal of  large woody weeds and a few trees by Council contractors.  CCAW Committee and Friends-of group worked in the area with hand weeding, clearing and spreading of mulch.
Feb - Cleared small area and spreading mulch.
April - Because the area required a huge amount of clearing and weeding, it was agreed by the group that we should concentrate on one small section at a time.  The area closest to the path was chosen. 
Mid September David Stewart (Parkswide) met with A&V to discuss the 'proposed' modifications to the steep Padua path.  Before anything can happen an expert has to check the area for significant indigenous plants.  David had already noticed the grasses and a special find of a Pandorea pandorana which is rare in Vermont but this one has obviously been around for some time.     

October  & December - refreshing areas with new mulch and the ever needed weeding entrance and along the path

2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 & 2008
Ongoing maintenance and weeding with occassional planting of indigenous species (trees, shrubs, grasses & ground covers).

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                aerial photo