Wild Life of Campbells Croft Abbey Walk

Wild life seen in and around Campbells Croft Abbey Walk and along the Dandenong Creek affording a valuable wild life corridor.  A small number of animal photos* have been accessed from other Australian internet sites

Australian White Ibis        Black Cockatoo        Black Duck        Bellbird    Chestnut Teal
Black Faced Cuckoo-shrike        Grey Teal        Bronzewing/Crested Pigeon        Brown Goshawk
         Cockatiel         Cormorant         Common Myna         Crimson Rosella 
Duskymoor-Hen      Eastern Spinebill       Galah         Gang Gang          Great Egret
Grey Fantail         King-Parrot          Kookaburra         Little Grebe
Longbilled Corella         Rainbow Lorikeet         Mallee Ringneck Parrot         Musk Lorikeet
Magpie         Mud Lark          Nankeen Kestrel         Noisy Miner          Purple Swamphen
Raven         Straw-necked Ibis        Sulphur Crested Cockatoo         Spoonbill 
Tawny Frogmouth         Willie Wagtail         White-faced Heron        White-necked Heron 
Wood Duck         

CCAW's domestic duck
Pelican spotted on the Dandenong Creek
Wood-Duck family from Bellbird Dell Vermont South, "walking the streets".
Rocky the equine icon

Possums - Ringtail possum & Brushtail possum 
Fox             Feathertail glider             Bat             Rabbit          Water Rat    

Eel            Carp            Red fin 
Goldfish            Trout             Mosquito Fish             Pygmy Perch

Reptiles & Amphibians
Long necked Tortoise        Blue Tongue Lizard         Frogs

                                                            why you should not feed the ducks!

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